Is Labiaplasty Right for Me?

Designed to decrease the size of the labia minora and/or majora, labiaplasty offers many women relief from feelings of discomfort, both physical and emotional, that may accompany this area of concern. Labiaplasty, which is also called labial rejuvenation, is often confused with vaginal rejuvenation, a much more intensive surgical procedure…

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Is It a Good Idea to Combine Surgical Procedures?

Our plastic surgeon—Robert E. Rothfield, MD, FACS—shares his philosophy on combining multiple surgical procedures: I am not a fan of the “extreme makeover” approach to plastic surgery that has been popularized on television. In this process, multiple unrelated procedures are performed over many hours in a single day, which could…

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Breast Implant Removal

The topic of breast implant removal is often shrouded in mystery and misinformation. Conventional wisdom in plastic surgery training has been that breast implants should not be removed without being replaced by other breast implants except in only the most dire of circumstances. The reasoning behind this was that the…

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Mommy Makeover: Consultation to Recovery

Mommy makeover procedures, which can include cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring procedures, and skin rejuvenation treatments, are common for both new mothers and women who have had children for years. The changes that occur in all women during and after pregnancy – for which mommy makeovers are designed to correct…

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Candidacy Requirements for Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants are often used to enhance the volume and shape of breasts. Although breast implants can last a lifetime, most women will replace their implants with newer implants at some point over the course of their lives. Less frequently, some women may choose to remove their breast implants and…

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Florida Plastic Surgeon Prioritizes Safety And Results For Eyelid Surgery Patients

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At Weston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Robert E. Rothfield eliminates excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids with blepharoplasty for a younger looking, more rested appearance. Weston, FL – Fat accumulation, excess and sagging skin, as well as fine lines and wrinkles all typically develop around the eye…

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Safety First: Best Blepharoplasty Practices

As I explained in my previous blog post, eyelid changes are often the firstmanifestation of aging. For this reason, many of our blepharoplasty patients at Weston Plastic Surgery do not have any experience with cosmetic surgery. These patients may be fearful of the unknown with concerns about pain, swelling, and…

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Blepharoplasty: A Cure For Tired Eyes

Fullness of the eyelids is one of the first signs of aging, and many people often complain of looking “tired” even when they feel energetic on the inside. Though this condition is most common in patients who are in their 50s or 60s, it can be seen in patients as…

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Common Inaccuracies About Breast Implant Removal Addressed by Florida Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Robert Rothfield corrects popular misconceptions surrounding breast implant removal and discusses the recent trend towards a more “natural” look. Weston, FL—According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast enhancement is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the nation. However, Dr. Robert Rothfield, aboard certified plastic surgeon in…

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Florida Plastic Surgeon Dispels Misinformation About Labiaplasty

Florida plastic surgeon, labiaplasty, Debunking Common Misconceptions About Labiaplasty

Dr. Robert Rothfield of Weston Plastic Surgery discusses common misconceptions about labial reduction and helps clarify which patients make good candidates for the procedure. Weston, FL—Florida plastic surgeon Robert Rothfield, MD recognizes the need for sensitivity when discussing matters related to labial reduction. Also called labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation, labial…

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