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Dangers of Awake Plastic Surgery

There is a widespread misperception among the lay public and even many physicians that local anesthesia is “safer” than general anesthesia. Combine this with the fact that local anesthesia can be significantly less expensive than general anesthesia and it can falsely appear like an appealing option…safer and cheaper. However, more often than not with plastic surgery, this is not the case. Procedures done under local anesthesia such as breast augmentation, liposuction or abdominoplasty are often performed by doctors with no plastic surgery training and put patients at risk. These procedures are more appropriately performed under general anesthesia in a safe manner. While under general anesthesia, the airway, breathing and circulation as well as all of the anesthetic agents are monitored by a specialist, a board certified anesthiologist. The surgery is done by a specialist…your board certified plastic surgeon. The combination of the two ensures patient safety.

Local anesthesia may be safe in appropriate settings. However, if administered inappropriately, in an inadequate facility, and for a procedure for which it is not designed….it can be dangerous and deadly.

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