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Miracle Cream to Remove Abdominal Stretch Marks After Pregnancy?

Nope. Unfortunately there are no creams or lotions that will get rid of, or even lessen, stretch marks. Nor are there any lasers that can do this either. If you have been told that this can be done and you want to try it, my advice is to get a money-back guarantee…you will need it! The only known effective method to eliminate the abdominal stretch marks that result from pregnancy is surgery. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) will completely remove all of the stretch marks from just above the belly button to just below the pubic region. If there are any stretch marks that are above the belly button prior to your abdominoplasty, after your surgery these remaining stretch marks will move down to the level of the pubic region and be hidden where the tummy tuck scar will be. The very best candidates for a tummy tuck are those women who have stretch marks below the belly button, because in this group of women, the stretch marks are completely eliminated. Not a miracle, just plastic surgery!

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