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Is It a Good Idea to Combine Surgical Procedures?

Our plastic surgeon—Robert E. Rothfield, MD, FACS—shares his philosophy on combining multiple surgical procedures: I am not a fan of the “extreme makeover” approach to plastic surgery that has been popularized on television. In this process, multiple unrelated procedures are performed over many hours in a single day, which could […]

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PIP Implants…What you should know

PIP implants are breast implants made by a French manufacturer, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP). The company was required by French authorities to stop production of its silicone implants in 2010 when it was discovered that these implants were rupturing at a rate that was two times the industry standard. Ruptures […]

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Dangers of Awake Plastic Surgery

There is a widespread misperception among the lay public and even many physicians that local anesthesia is “safer” than general anesthesia. Combine this with the fact that local anesthesia can be significantly less expensive than general anesthesia and it can falsely appear like an appealing option…safer and cheaper. However, more […]

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